Research & studies

Research & studies.

This program works on developing research and studies on issues related to Palestinian  labour and socio-economic rights, trade union rights and occupational health and safety. It also strives to increase local and international knowledge of these issues and to develop the Center’s local, Arab and international outreach capacity through providing our publications, data analysis and specialized information related to our fields of work to researchers, civil society organizations, official institutions and international organizations.

The information collected through this program constitutes an important input for DWRC’s and other civil society organizations’ efforts to advocate for national policies and legislation upholding international rights standards and responsive to the Palestinian society’s needs. It also highlights the effects and impact of the Israeli occupying power’s policies on workers’ rights and people’s livelihoods.

Finally, the program contributes in orienting DWRC’s labour education program towards addressing gaps in knowledge and skills among union leaders and members, and conducting needs assessment for its target groups.