Work Environment and Occupational Health

Work Environment and Occupational Health.

Early on, DWRC recognized that the improvement of occupational health and safety and the work environment was an essential condition for the amelioration of working conditions and protection of workers’ rights in the Palestinian territories.

Since its inception, DWRC has sought to assist workers by following up many cases, particularly in the quarries and stone industry, and defended the rights of victims of work accidents and occupational diseases by adopting their complaints and going to court when necessary. We also sought to introduce occupational health and safety education and awareness into our labor education training programs in order to provide workers’ leaders with the knowledge and skills to address this important issue.

In April 2003, DWRC established its Work Environment and Occupational Health and Safety program in order to more concretely establish a range of awareness and educational programs, and advocate for national occupational health and safety policies. Since 2003, we have issued awareness and training materials in a variety of media (pamphlets, television spots, etc.) and conducted Palestine’s first-ever study regarding occupational health and safety in the Palestinian work context, followed by several other targeted reports and studies.