DWRC works on influencing policies in order to ensure respect of international labour standards and fundamental human rights through Palestinian legislation.

Since the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority and the election of the first Palestinian Legislative Council in 1996, Palestinian legislators have been gradually developing new and modern legislations in various fields, including labor and socio-economic rights. We monitor this process and working with lawyers, unionists, academics, decision-makers and other civil society organizations to present comments, recommendations, and alternative draft laws on legislation crucial for ensuring decent work and life for Palestinian workers.

We have conducted pressure campaigns and advocated for the adoption by Palestinian legislators and decision-makers of the Palestinian labor law, enacted in 2001, by-laws to this law – some of which have been issued - the social insurance law and most recently the draft law for protection against unemployment and the draft trade union law.

DWRC is currently also advocating with partner unions for better monitoring of labor law implementation by labor inspectors and the enforcement of all legal dispositions, which protect workers’ rights.