Legal Aid

Legal Aid.

For over sixteen years, DWRC has been adopting complaints from Palestinian workers, whose rights have been denied by their employers in the Israeli and Palestinian labor markets. Through litigation in courts, negotiations with employers and law implementation, we obtained over 15 Million US dollars for workers and their families, mostly from Israeli employers.

Currently, we are concentrating our efforts on adopting collective cases from workers to maximize the benefit of our intervention. Our lawyers also respond on a daily basis to workers’ inquiries about their rights based on the labor legislation applicable to their workplace. We provide these free legal consultations face to face, by phone through our hotline, by fax, e-mail or during meetings with groups of workers.

Online legal advice is now also available through our workers’ forum. Thus, we gave in past years more than 44 thousand legal consultations,entailing financial benefits for their recipients. Palestinian employers concerned with taking adequate measures to ensure proper implementation of the labor legislation in their organization or enterprise can also benefit from this service.

In addition, we offer technical legal assistance to individuals, workers’ committees and trade unions regarding work agreements, regulations which have a bearing on rights at work and internal statutes of unions.